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Возможно, ты прав, - негромко ответила Николь. - Но вчера, поговорив с ним, я не обнаружила никаких свидетельств того.

We choose to be either warriors or ordinary men. A second choice does not exist. Not on this Earth.

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Don Juan When it comes to being a warri There is no middle ground. You choose to be extraordinary or your choose to basically be like zeefreaks prekybos sistema else.

This is one choice which is black or white, either you are a warrior or you're not. This doesn't mean that you choose to work in a warrior profession or you are not a warrior.

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Being a warrior is something you are, not something you do. It originates in your spirit, not your profession.

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There are warriors in all walks of life. You may be a businessman, a teacher, a doctor, or an electrician and still be a warrior.

Warriorship is being ready, willing, and able to step up and fight evil when you must. Being a warrior is who you are inside, not what you do for a paycheck.

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It is who you truly are in your spirit, and the warrior inside will come out when he or she is needed. Being a warrior is a choice; nobody is born a warrior.


We make ourselves into whatever we want to be in this world. We choose.

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We choose to be a warrior or we choose to walk through life like the average person, but make no doubt about it - YOU make the choice.